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Benefits of Blogging

There are many benefits of a having a blog on your website. The decision of whether to add a blog to your website depends on a number of factors. We Want a Web can tell you what a blog would do for your website. We can tell you how to get the most from having a blog and some things that you should avoid. Having a blog can increase the rate that search engine spiders crawl or visit your website. Search engines seem to really like Blogs. So if you want a blog that boosts your search engine rankings, contact us for a FREE Consultation.

We recommend that the blog needs to have new posts added on a regular basis. At least weekly. We Want a Web agrees that frequent blog posting encourages the spiders to index your site on a regular basis. However, we do not recommend posting to your blog just for the sake of posting. It must be relative information of benefit to the viewers.

What is accomplished by frequent posts to your blog is that it keeps your regular readers coming back for more information. That means your website will get a higher ranking from both your readers and the search engines. The frequency of blogging ranges from very infrequent to once or more each day with active blogs.

It should be noted that most blogs appear to be indexed from search engines very quickly. What frequent posting will accomplish is to keep your blog and your website out in front of the public and make it easy to find. Regular high quality posts mean higher exposure and higher page rankings.

The best advice for a website owner is to create a blog relative to their website topic and to post regular high quality articles. Use keywords in your blogs just as you would with your other page content. Be sure that your keywords are used not only in the post titles, but several times within the post content. You should also use keywords in the file names that describe your post. Make your keywords relevant to your websites content. For more information about keywords, visit our page on Keywords.

Having a blog will show the search engines that your website is dynamic and that it is dedicated to high quality content for your viewers. Your site becomes worth more to the search engines. Using a blog to reinforce the content and relevance of the website can do wonders for your search engine result pages. Each blog post should be created as a page of its own. All pages should be linked to your website and there should be many links within the content to different areas of your website. What also helps is to find other high ranking websites or blogs to exchange links with. For more information about linking, visit our page on Links.

Blogging is an excellent source to increase your search engine rankings. We offer a FREE consultation!

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