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Flash Web Design

We Want a Web - making your world come alive! Flash is a terrific way to bring products and services to life on the web! A well made Flash presentation can present a professional look to your website! It can be a strong marketing tool that creates an image that differentiates you from your competition. Flash can be used to impress your customers with colorful, eye-catching multimedia, while delivering a message that you want them to see. Flash provides that little something extra and often provides the Wow factor that a website needs.

You will see a lot of animation on the web in the form of website intros, headers, multimedia ads, and flash videos. Flash is the most popular form of animation used. We Want a Web offers Flash design in our web development.

There are times when it can be great for a website, and times when using flash is not the best option. Depending on what type of animation you are looking for, there are different ways to achieve your goals. Flash technology is often used to create an animated intro. This is generally not a good use of Flash because search engines do not recognize the text used in flash. It may look good, but it can hurt your page rankings. What is even worse is to have your navigation and menus designed in Flash because a search engine does not recognize your menu links as text. We can help you analyze your project and figure out what is best for your business. Contact us today if you have a need or interest in using Flash on your website.

We also offer graphic design, website design, blogs, photo galleries, and we have our own hosting company. Let us be your complete Web Services Solution!